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PVC Rolls for multipurpose sport courts use.

PVC is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. In daily life, products made of this material can be seen everywhere, such as tableware, medical infusion tube bags, etc. Its environmental protection is not to worry about. PVC flooring is a new type of green and environmental decorative material, which does not contain any radioactive elements detected by authoritative departments.

PVC sports floor herringbone waterproof seal bottom layer, effective resistance to external water erosion, strong back grip adsorbability, reduce the damage caused by the ground to human body, play a role in shock absorption and rebound.

PVC sports floor has excellent anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging performance, environmental protection, no odor, no formaldehyde, through real testing. The surface texture is clear, the friction coefficient is large, the water is not slippery, and the athletes are protected safely.

thickness of 5 mm, 8 mm, wear-resistant layer up to 2.8 mm, to ensure its wear resistance. Adding high-strength glass fiber mesh cloth in the middle makes the product performance more stable. It can withstand the change of temperature from minus 30 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius. The floor will not rise and shrink with the change of temperature. The product can withstand high temperature, high humidity, rain and snow, geomantic water and other weather without