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Rubber tiles aren’t only easy to install; they are also durable and long lasting. A lot of our interlocking rubber matting is made with physically durable and water-resistant tire rubber.

Also known as recycled rubber, this material is an eco-friendly rubber that brings great indoor and outdoor durability. This strength and durability is passed onto the modular flooring tiles that are produced from recycled rubber. The recycled rubber interlocking tiles can absorb abrasive physical impacts and handle the pressure of heavy weights without letting either damage the existing sub-floors below. In cold garages, damp basements, or abrasive home gyms, an elastic rubber floor is a tough protective cover for hardwood, concrete, and linoleum. This makes rubber interlocking tiles the perfect flooring choice for a whole range of applications. Our rubber tiles are extremely durable, but sometimes even the strongest products sustain damage. Due to the easy-to-manage form and mobility of our interlocking rubber matting, it is simple to switch out an individual tile if it is harmed in any way. This is a much faster, easier, and more affordable solution than changing out an entire flooring surface.