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Luxury Package:

This package includes all the services mentioned in the premium package along with The Steam Cleaning. Steam Cleaning will sanitize and disinfect the entire apartment. Steam cleaning machine uses a combination of heat and high pressure. Steam penetrates deep into the surface pores, eliminating 99.99% of dirt, greases, residue, mold bacteria, viruses and germs without relying on hard chemicals.

Premium Package:

Deep cleaning of the entire apartment. Glass Windows, Balconies, Floor, Walls and ceilings, Chimney Cleaning from outside.Cobweb Removal, Dusting, Mopping,Vacuuming, High Pressure Wash Floor Scrubbing. All electrical fixture Dusting, Marks Removal from electrical switchboards. Wipe-over door and door frames,Windows Glass Cleaning. Degreaser to remove grease and oil from all hard surfaces. All the cabinets will be cleaned inside out. All the paint and dirt marks will be removed from the entire apartment to make the apartment 100% spotless.

Basic Package:

General Cleaning of the entire Home. Including the Bedrooms, Washrooms, Living Area, hallway and kitchen. Vacuuming, Cobweb Removal, Dusting, Mopping of the entire apartment. All electrical fixture Dusting including electrical switchboards. Wipe-over door and door frames, Windows Glass Cleaning. Inside out cleaning of cabinets and all utensils in the kitchen and washrooms