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Cypex Group also offers a wide range of creative designs for the outdoor urban furniture, it also includes our support with the needed consultations regarding the required designs by our creative engineers which will help you in accomplishing your project in a professional manner.
We also have a special team to take care of your civil works, since it is essential for building a proper sports / playground facility as per the international standards.


Cypex Group has unique Street & Site furnishings for public spaces. We are able to supply customize items for your project to turn your opportunity into reality.
We deliver Security Bollards, Benches,Seating elements, Architectural elements, Litter bins, Trash cans, Tree grates, Planters. Bike racks, Canopies, Urban Shelter, Streetlights, Solar lights, SmartFlower Solar, Post & Rail, Lounge & Lobby furniture.


Cypex is fully dedicated to the Padel Court manufacture, installation and maintenance. Widely experienced on iron and glass hardware our company focused on the Padel Industry since few years back.
Cypex has manufacturing unit for padel tennis courts in UAE, representing the famous Spanish-Emirati brand PADEL FACTORY MIDDLE EAST one of the leaders in Padel Industry.
We unite design, exclusivity, quality and functionality. We have a commitment to quality, quick response and reliability towards our clients. The certifications of our materials add value, guarantee and confidence to the brand.
Our long term warranties keeps the clients calm and relaxed about the promised qualities we offer.
We have done many successful padel courts projects in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraw, Egypt, Lebanon, Seychelles, India, Maldives, South Africa, and looking forward to expand our brand for the whole world soon.


Cypex Group takes pride in its service-oriented construction operations and strives for excellence in all areas. We offer friendly professional service to our clients as well as an extraordinary level of product quality.
We offer a full line of sport facilities construction services: base, grading, drainage, and minor structure concrete.

• A collaborative project approach with first-class leadership and dependable teams
• Guaranteed superior quality of our products, based partly on our leadership as a vertically integrated supplier
• A company-wide commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices


Cypex Group offer wide range of sunshade structure.
Our products range including all types of tensile fabric shade structure, Swimming pool shades, Outdoor sports sunshades, Beach shades, Pergola shades, Shades sails, Outdoor umbrella shades or Patio shades, Awning permanent or retractable shades, School shades, Sports Dome tents and many more.
Dome Tent is available in different sizes from 10m to 50m. We are a recognized industry leader in supplying of impressive dome tents that insure to fascinate the people and commit an impressive and interactive occurrence.
Dome tent is a unique and attractive shape tent and as for its attractive design, it is the high priority for high-end users who arrange high-quality events, it is the perfect solution to make your event special.
Among the items, we supply tents and shades both in standard and customized designs as per the client’s requirements…


Our technical, structural and design abilities, coupled with our unsurpassed expertise in cold roll forming, have resulted in an extensive range of innovative products. This is backed up by the ability to deliver precisely the level of service you require, both on and off site, for building projects of all sizes.
From sports steel fencing and wooden playground fencing to innovative fencing solutions like our paddle tennis glass fencing to our special squash courts glass solutions, we work hand in hand with our industry partners to deliver products designed to streamline construction, enhance performance and maximize sustainability.
With a specialist in-house technical department , we can work with you to develop new products, prototype them in short runs for rapid testing and refinements, and then volume manufacture. Another key role of this team is to continually challenge our existing product range in order to drive further innovation